PecanCobPlateIs there an outlet where we can buy your scrumptious cookies other than a school kid? No one in San Antonio that we know of is selling them, but they are so delicious, we would like to be able to buy them anyway. Thanks for your help in this matter.

Thank you,
Karen Johnson

We have ordered from your fund raisers in the past from Mineral Wells FFA. We were just wandering if you sold to the public. We just love your products and want to order more.

Thank you,
Brenda Rushton
Roylynns Hair Barn

I do not want to do any fundraising. I had ordered cookies last year from a friends son & would like to have some more, they were so good. May I buy some without fund raising?

Thank you,
Esther Kimball

I have ordered fruits from our local FFA for many years. The grapefruits are always EXCELLENT, but when I run out, I have a hard time finding store bought grapefruits that taste as good. Is there a way I can order throughout the year?

Thank you,
Bernie Marie Delaune

I would like some information on your Hams. My son has been involved with FFA for over 17 years (as a student and now as a teacher and FFA sponsor). All of your products are wonderful. We are trying to come up with a fundraiser for our church, and I was wondering if you would have hams available for Easter, and if so what are the qualifications to participate in your program?
Please let me know if this is something we could do. By selling at Easter we are not interfering with the fall sale of the local FFA’s.

Thank you,
Laura Gilbreath
Mission Methodist Church

Do you accept orders for products – reorders? You have exceptional products and sometimes I can’t wait till the next fundraiser – Ha.

Thank you,
Geri Barrett

I have purchased several meat items from a fundraiser. Is there any way we can purchase these items without a fundraiser. My family loved the sausage kolaches and meat pies.

Thank you,
Delaine Russell

I bought a ham from a student at Mt. Belvieu High School. It was terrific. I don’t want to wait until the next school year to get another one. Could you please tell me where I find those hams to purchase?

Thank you,
Nolan Stone

How can one buy your product if the schools sell it but once… and here in Gun Barrel City I don’t know if they even sell it. I really like a lot of your meat products…kind of like to be able to get it more then once a year. Please help me in this matter…hungry for good meat products. 🙂

Thank you,
Jimmy Higgins

The lady I was ordering from every year, her kids are graduating. Please tell me how I can buy from ya’ll privately. My family loves the smoked turkey at Christmas and I just tasted the Crème Brule Cheesecake and oh my gosh. lol.
I know this sounds crazy but it is so good. Please help me.

Thank you,
Lorie Garza

I purchased your Cajun Meat Pies through a fundraiser and my family loved them. Can buy them directly through you?

Thank you,
Kaylard LeBouef

I tried some pork loin that my daughter was selling, and this is truly the best smoked meat I have ever had the pleasure to taste. I don’t have any fund raising missions, but I sure would like to get some of that smoked pork. How much would you need me to purchase? I have an extensive culinary background and was considering some light catering just for fun; and this product would be a monster hit. Please email me and let me know.

Thank you,
Drake Prince
TSTC Waco-(Student)

I recently purchased one of your candles in support of a school FFA fundraiser. The candle is so wonderful; I would like to order some more for myself and to share as Christmas gifts. I have a co-worker who was asking about your product as well. What can you advise please?

Thank you,
Jo Lynn Davis

My name is Fred Caton. My wife purchased some of your products from the FFA in Tucumcari, NM. I pastor a small non-denominational church in Tucumcari, my question is: Do you work with churches as well as with schools etc. All I know for sure is that I just had the best cinnamon roll…thanks! And I’m prayin’ (ha) that we can get some of your products. Anxious to hear! Either way, be blessed and Happy Holidays!

Thank you,
Fred Caton
The Divine Connection

I bought some of the Gourmet Cinnamon rolls from my daughter. My husband really loves them. Can we order more?

Thank you,
Kathy Sides

I purchased your meat pies and tamales from a nephew selling them for DeKalb, TX FFA. The products are wonderful and I am very pleased to see products the kids can be proud to sell!! I’ll buy more next year.

Thanks again,
Sheron Hollis

I bought some of your pork tamales from a school fundraiser and they were awesome. Is there a way that we could order some direct from you for our personal use?

Thank you,
Ellen Ware

Last year I bought some of the beef fajita meat from a neighbor. It was delicious, now we don’t have any left and I am going through withdrawals. Where can I buy more?

Thank you,
Lee Morris

I order some of your cookies with the local high school my step-daughter goes to. She is in F.F.A. I would like to know how I could order some more. We have already run out of what we bought with the school. Can you send me an order book? We love your cookies.

Thank you,
Lanny Hawthorne

I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed the cookies that I purchased through a local school fundraiser. I love the fact that they are so easy to make, with them coming individually and being able to make as many as you want at a time. My children really loved them as well. We just finished our box and are sorry we don’t have more. It is so much fun to make your cookies!
Thank you for an exceptional product.

Kim Adams

Hi, I bought some cookies from my nephew at Kountze High School, they were delicious!

Tracie Gallion

Recently, I supported a Pasadena Texas school fundraiser by purchasing a “sportsman pack”. I was very pleased with the products in the pack. My real reason for writing was the biscuit mix. It was truly an OUTSTANDING product. I usually use Bisquick for homemade biscuits, but it pales in comparison to your product. Alas, the biscuit mix all gone. I linked to your website in hopes of being able to purchase more of the product. My daughter and son-in-law are visiting next week and I very much wanted to make these wonderful biscuits for them. I am hoping that you have a retail outlet or web presence you can connect me with. Regardless, I will certainly recommend your company as a candidate for my son’s school fundraising activities (Clear Creek ISD). A quick perusal of your website indicates that your company is a rarity in today’s marketplace, a family owned and run group who is truly invested in their customers and their larger family of friends and associates. Having been involved in the Columbia shuttle recovery in Longview and surrounding areas, I was gratified and humbled by the way in which the communities supported NASA in our time of disaster and need. Being based in such a fine town, your company is the sort that I and my PTA would be well served doing business with.

Thank you for your time,
Charles Boehl

We bought some of your cookies through one of our grandaughters in Quitman recently and really enjoyed them. However, we have eaten them all and want more. Please let us know if there are any schools in our vicinity (Canton) selling your cookie dough? We would really like to buy some more.

Bob Bledsoe

Our FFA at Bruceville-Eddy I.S.D. in Eddy, Texas is having a fund raiser and I was able to purchase three boxes of your delicious ready to bake cookies through them. I will continue to support any fund raiser with your products. I have purchased your products from different fund raising events in my community and you have the best products that I have ever purchased… Also, I will say a little prayer that one day your products will be in our markets.

Thank you so much,
Pamela Ellis

My nephew in Joshua Tx has raved about your products for several years! He buys from the local FFA. Do you sell to indivuals or is it all fund raising? Can you direct me to a central Ohio participant I could order from?

Amanda Kunze