iFreshCountry Instructions

Teacher – Log In

iFreshCountry is an app that will work on both iPhones and Androids. It will make your life easier as a teacher and help increase sales for your organization. iFreshCountry is also an accounting system that will track all of the sales transactions, receipts, deposits, profit, and much more. Most of your data entry as a teacher will be done via the web portal on your computer. If any of your students do not have a smartphone they can enter their orders in via the web portal. iFreshCountry does not replace the brochures but at the end of the sale you will not need to collect the brochures from your students.

• To set up your organization, go to www.freshcountry.com and click on the iFreshCountry link. Your username will be your email address and you will need to create an eight-digit alphanumeric password. Once you’re logged in, you will be prompted to enter in your organization information before you can start your first sales campaign. As a teacher you can also download iFreshCountry to your phone so you can monitor your fund raiser on the go. After you download it simply log in with your user name and password. iFreshCountry already knows that you are a teacher.

• After you have entered in all of your organization information, you will then be at your “Dashboard.” You will notice next to your organization’s name that there is a code. You will need this code later to give to your students, this way they will be able to log onto iFreshCountry.

• To begin your campaign, click the ‘New Sales Campaign’ button. You will then be prompted to enter in the ‘Starting’ and ‘Ending’ dates of your sale, select the brochures that you are selling, and then click the “New Sales Campaign” button.

• The suggested selling prices of all the products are already entered in iFreshCountry. If for some reason you are offering the products at a price different from the suggested selling price then now is the time to edit them. You can edit the selling price by clicking on ‘Products’ and then the ‘Edit’ button on each product you choose to change.

• If you are in a multi teacher department and your teaching partner(s) will be assisting in the sale, you will need to invite them. To invite someone, you simply click on ‘Teachers’, then click ‘Invite Teacher”, enter in the teacher’s email address, and then click “Send Invite”. You have an option to send a message along with the email invite but it is not required. Your teaching partner(s) will receive an email with a link asking them to register.

• Auto push notifications is a very powerful tool within iFreshCountry to help encourage your students. It is imperative that you first develop a reward program on a student by student basis that will motivate them to sell. Fresh Country recommends that you offer a trip or some activity that would motivate your students individually. Auto push notifications can be best explained through an example. Let’s say an organization is going to take every student that sells at least twenty packages to a day trip to the State Fair. As a teacher, you can create your own personalized ‘push notifications’ to your students as they reach your set benchmarks.

The following is an example:

Sell 1 item: Congrats! You’re off to a great start, keep selling!
Sell 5 items: Great job! Keep up the good work!
Sell 10 items: Woohoo! You’re halfway to earning your trip to the State Fair!
Sell 15 items: Almost there, keep selling!
Sell 20 items: CONGRATS! You’re on your way to the State Fair! I still need your help, please keep selling.

Click ‘Auto Notifications,’ to create your own unique auto push notifications for your students. Then click ‘Create Notification,’ enter in the trigger (number of packages sold), and enter in the message you want displayed.

You will need to repeat this process for each notification. Auto push notifications carry forward from one campaign to the next so be sure to adjust them accordingly in future campaigns.

• The day you start your sale have your students download iFreshCountry from the app store. Your student’s User Name will be their email address and they will need to create an eight-digit alphanumeric password. Your students will need your organization code to login. The code is what links up your students to your organization.

• The student side of iFreshCountry is very intuitive. In other words, it should be self-explanatory to your students. Students enter in orders on a consumer by consumer basis. iFreshCountry only requires your students to enter in the first and last name of each consumer. It does not require your students to enter in the consumer’s phone number but please encourage your students to do so as much as possible. Teachers have the ability through iFreshCountry to send a one way text to consumers. This is a very powerful tool so again please encourage your students to collect as many consumer phone numbers as possible.

• Teachers can enter in orders too! To enter in an order, click on ‘Orders’ and then click on ‘New Order’.

Receipts – Each teacher that is involved with the fund raiser can write receipts. Simply click on ‘Receipts’ then click on ‘New Receipt’. Start by entering in the student’s name and it will appear. Enter in the sum of the cash and the sum of the checks and click on ‘Create Receipt’. The student will instantly receive an electronic receipt via iFreshCountry. If you click on ‘Receipts’ again you will see all of the receipts that have been created during this campaign. Receipts are originally classified as ‘Undeposited Receipts’ until the funds are deposited. Then the receipt will be reclassified as a ‘Deposited Receipt’.

• Deposits – Each teacher that is involved with the fund raiser can make a deposit. Simply Click on ‘Deposits’ then click on ‘New Deposit’. You will see a list of undeposited receipts categorized by teacher name. Click on the box next to each receipt that you would like to deposit. As you are clicking on the boxes iFreshCountry will be displaying a total amount in the bottom right hand corner. Count the cash and checks that you have in your possession and look to see if it agrees to the dollar amount on the screen. iFreshCountry gives you the option to enter in an Overage/Underage. A $5.00 Overage or Underage should be entered in as 5.00 or -5.00. After the money agrees to iFreshCountry simply hit ‘Create Deposit’. To print your ‘Deposit Report’ click on ‘View’ next to the deposit you just made and then click ‘Print Report’. Fresh Country recommends that you print two copies of the report and take them along with the money to the front office to be deposited. Have the person in your business office count the money, then sign, and date both copies of the report. Retain a copy for your records to document that you delivered the funds to your business office.

• Special Pricing – If you have a company or an individual in your community that would like to purchase a large volume of products for employee gifts at a discounted price you have the ability through iFreshCountry to account for this transaction. Have the student that made the sale enter in the order first. Then you as a teacher click on ‘Orders’ and then click on the ‘Edit’ button of the particular order that you offered special pricing to and change the ‘Selling Price”. Be sure to click the ‘Save’ button after you make the change.

• Submit Order – When your Sales Campaign is completed then you will need to Submit it to Fresh Country. Please be sure that the balance due from all of your students is $0.00. You can submit even if you have a balance due from students but it’s recommended that you first collect all money due. To Submit click on ‘Orders’ and then click on ‘Submit Campaign’. Once you Submit, your students will no longer be able to create or change orders. They can view the data by scrolling down to the bottom of their dashboard and clicking on the Previous Campaign ‘View’ button. Teachers can continue to enter in orders after submission in their name or on behalf of any student. Any additional orders teachers make after submission will automatically be submitted to Fresh Country. It’s very common for teachers to order extra items so be sure to enter these into iFreshCountry. On these simply show the consumer name to be “Extra Items”. To make an additional order(s) scroll down your dashboard to ‘Previous Campaigns’ and click on ‘View’ next to the campaign. To enter in an order, click on ‘Orders’ and then click on ‘New Order’. You can also continue to write receipts, make deposits, and print reports.

• Reports – If you click on ‘Reports’ you will find various reports that you can view, print, or save. When you receive your order you will need to print the ‘Student Sales Summary’ and the ‘Detailed Student Sales Summary’. The ‘Student Sales Summary’ can be used to pull the orders for each of your students. Give each student their ‘Detailed Student Sales Summary’ so they will have a list of what they have sold to each consumer.


Teacher – Log In

Last update 07/23/17