Elementary Program


The Fresh Country Elementary Program has been specifically developed for organizations with younger kids. The program is strategically created to motivate elementary aged children to achieve higher results on overall school sales. For the Fund Raising Leaders, our Elementary Program offers an easy to administrate and easy to manage program – From start to finish.

The Elementary Program consists of the following components:
1. Custom Parent Letter
2. Prize Envelope
3. Product Brochure with Order Form
4. Big Bounce Party™

Student Picking!
Fresh Country makes your job a snap by “Student Picking” Elementary School Orders! When your order is received it will already be pre-sorted on a student by student basis!

Program Overview
You set the dates unique to your Fund Raiser. The kids/parents sell the products and collect the money in their Prize Envelope. When complete, the kids hand-in the completed envelope to their teacher. The envelopes are collected and mailed to Fresh Country. The product order is placed. Your products and student prizes arrive according to the delivery schedule. If you like, your Fresh Country Sales Partner can be on hand to assist you when your product arrives! Along with great kid prizes, the Elementary Program features the optional Big Bounce Party™ which you may elect to utilize for meeting the overall school-wide sales goal.

We’re With You Every Step of the Way…
Fresh Country will customize a Parent Letter for your school fund raiser. The name of your school along with the purpose of the fund raiser, the order due date, the approximate delivery date, and the method of payment are some of the information included in the Parent Letter. A “Sample Parent Letter” is enclosed in our Fund Raising Packet. Your Sales Partner will have a packet for each student that will include the Prize Envelope, your customized Parent Letter, and the Product Brochure. We recommend that the student packets be handed out to the students by their homeroom teachers. After all of the order forms are collected from the sale you need to make a copy of the order forms (located on the back side of the product brochure) and mail them to Fresh Country. Please keep the order forms separated by homeroom teacher. Your Sales Partner will provide you with our Federal Express billing number…no cost to you!

Our customer service professionals will summarize your order forms and provide you with various reports detailing your sale. Reports are organized on a student, teacher, and school basis. If you would like, your Fresh Country Sales Partner will be happy to be at your school when you receive your order. Student Prizes will be shipped separately after your product order arrives.

For more information contact your Fresh Country Sales Partner or call us toll Free at 1.800.441.8501. Remember, we’re here to serve you and we’re with you every step of the way to ensure your fund raiser is a complete success!