High School Program


The Fresh Country High School & Junior High School Program has been specifically developed for organizations with older, sometimes less enthusiastic kids. The program is strategically created to motivate older kids to achieve higher results on overall school sales. In addition, the High School & Jr. High Program offers a variety of product brochures from which to base your fund raiser:

1. Holiday Fruit & Gifts
2. Smoked Meats & More
3. Signature Collection
4. Entrée’s & Desserts

For Fund Raising Leaders, the program offers a simple and easy to manage program – From start to finish. The High School & Jr. High program consists of a simple to use Product Brochure with Order Form.

Program Overview
You set the dates unique to your Fund Raiser. The kids/parents sell the products and collect the money. When complete, the kids hand-in the completed order form. The orders are tallied and you’re ready to place your product order. Your products arrive according to the delivery schedule. If you like, your Fresh Country Sales Partner can be on hand to assist you when your product arrives! For more information contact your Fresh Country Sales Partner or call us toll Free at 800.441.8501. Remember, we’re here to serve you and we’re with you every step of the way to ensure your fund raiser is a complete success!