Steps To A Sale

MixFruitBox1. Set Your Financial Goal
How much money does your organization need to raise?  How much does each student need to raise to meet your goal?

2. Choose Program(s)
Review Fresh Country’s product brochures while considering our “Order & Delivery Dates”. Choose one or more programs for your organization to offer to your community. Many organizations participate in multiple fund raisers to meet their organization’s financial goals.

3. Order Sales Brochures
Order your sales brochures from Fresh Country by calling 800.441.8501, completing and returning the “Program Acceptance Card” or using our “Contact Us” form at to make your request.

4. Set Your Dates
When setting the start date of each sale, consider the “Order & Delivery Dates”. Then, allow at least two full weeks for the sale, plus an additional two or three school days to collect and summarize the individual order forms.

5. Set Your Prices
The selling prices are pre-printed in all of Fresh Country’s brochures except for our Holiday Fruit & Gifts program. Fresh Country’s Suggested Selling Prices for our Holiday Fruit & Gifts program will be available by October 1st.

6. Collection Method
Some organizations require payment at the point of sale, while others collect payment when the products are distributed in the community. It’s your choice but Fresh Country recommends collecting payment at the point of sale.

7. Create Strategies To Motivate your Students
This is a very critical step. Motivating your students is an art rather than a science. Fresh Country’s Kick-off Power Point Presentation is a powerful tool in motivating your students and organizing your sale.

8. Distribute Brochures
Provide a sales brochure for each student and any parents who will be participating in the sale. Be sure to communicate the selling prices to everyone involved if you are offering our Holiday Fruit & Gifts program. We recommend that you provide the selling prices in a written format and have the students write the prices in the brochure in the space provided.  Instruct your students on how to complete the order form, the date the forms must be returned, and when to collect payment. Discuss goals and any motivational tools you have developed.

9. Collect Brochures
After your sale is complete, you will need to collect and summarize all of the order forms. Fresh Country’s Web Based Order Summary is an easy and convenient way to summarize your student’s order forms. Consider ordering extra quantities of each item to accommodate late orders.

10. Place Your Order
Call 800.441.8501 or place your order at via our Web Based Order Summary.

11. Receiving and Distributing Your Order
Fresh Country will notify you of your delivery day and time by telephone or email. Please have your students available to help unload your order from the truck. Be sure to count the products as they are being unloaded, and recount each item after your entire order is unloaded. Do not distribute products as they are being unloaded or before signing the invoice. If there is any problem with your order, please call Fresh Country at 800.441.8501 before you sign the invoice.