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Fresh Country’s customer service team is here to help you by customizing a power point presentation that you can show your students the day you start your sale. Please complete this form and we will customize a PowerPoint presentation for your organization and email it to you! Please register your organization with iFreshCountry before proceeding. (Go to and click on iFreshCountry).


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Suggestions on incentives:
Motivating your students is the key to a successful fund raiser. It’s more challenging now days versus years ago.  What we have discovered is that you need to offer an incentive to your top seller or sellers. That’s very important but what’s more important is to offer a reward to your students individually. What we see that works well is to have some type of event that your students can participate if they sell at least 20 items or more. 

It MUST be something FUN for your students. Something that most every student would want to participate. We recommend that you talk to your Chapter officers about an event that would not cost more than $20 per student to the Chapter. It could be an Ag Olympics event on campus, a day trip somewhere that would excite them, an FFA Fright Night where you take your students to a haunted house and treat them to pizza. You are only limited by your imagination! 

Please talk to your officers and develop individual rewards that will effectively motivate ALL of your students. Rewards like giving your students a dollar per package, paying their dues, or earning items from the National FFA Catalog in most cases simply DOES NOT work. Make it FUN for ALL of your students even the ones that don’t care about getting their dues paid. So please talk to your officers and develop a rewards program that is FUN and watch your fund raiser be a great success! Also during your sales campaign be sure to encourage and push your students daily.